I Drink mezcal because I connect with the earth, with my History, with my origins. I Taste the climate and the plant.
I Connect with Simplicity

Karla Amtmann

As a native of Mexico City Karla has had the distinct pleasure of sampling more agave spirits than probably most would care to admit, so much so that fine-tuning her palate to appreciate the full spectrum of the agave spirits world as turned into a full- time, deep-passion for the serial entrepreneur. Now that’s hooked on Mezcal, we believe it will take her quite a bit of time to work rough 8 regions and 30 or so agave varietals.

Karla’s past resume of 17 years has allowed her to dig-in and get her hands dirty in the worlds of: Event Planning, Advertising, Public Relations, Sales, Promotion, Merchandising, and the Facilitation of Staff Services.

Karla is currently a level 2 Mezcalier.

She lives in Los Angeles, California with her family and two dogs Teddy and Carlota, and if you open her liquor cabinet you will be amazed by the mini Mezcaleria displayed before your very eyes.

Marcela Bolano

Marcela’s (also a native of Mexico City) passion for Mezcal started at a very young age when her parents took her on a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. It was during that magical weekend, young Marcela first noticed the rows of huge agave plants for which would become her life’s calling.

She loves telling stories about how fond she was of the Maguey during that time in her life. Her first tastes of its delicious nectar and the aromas given off by the natural earth ovens truly left their mark on her psyche - “It’s why I feel so passionate about Mezcal” she would tell you if asked.

Today Marcela is better known as a renowned Chef with multiple catering companies under her belt. She has cooked professionally (and for fun) for countless friends, family, associates and clients spanning from Mexico City up to Los Angeles, California.

“As a chef I love to play and experiment with different Mezcals, always trying to find new ways to eat and/or drink this amazing gift of Mother Earth.” Since Marcela is our resident Chef, look- out for an endless supply of new and exciting agave edibles, crafty cocktails and jaw-dropping Mezcal parings.
Marcela is currently a level 2 Mezcalier.

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Infografía Mezcalgals

On The trails of  Mezcal are written countless stories of those who give their lives to the craft and fire of the agave.  With those stories community ties are woven to help preserve the flavors, to ensure the diversity of the towns that craft Mezcal in Mexico.

The exact number of agave varieties that can be used to make mezcal is a moving target.   Also, given that there are estimated to be upwards of 1,000 mezcal producers in 8 regulated states with over 200 known varieties of agave (though not all 200 have the sugar content to make mezcal), mezcal has been made with more than 30 types of agave.

It’s not an easy thing to venture in the world of mezcal and less for someone who is unfamiliar with the smells and tastes, with regions and scenery, or with forms and meanings.  This rich but complicated horizon

becomes evident in any incursion to the villages and peoples of Oaxaca, which lives and aspirations have unfolded around the intense task of mezcaleros.

Every mezcal is different.  The agave matters as do so many other factors.  Mezcal is a culture. Mezcal is magical, for us Mezcal is an art it is of the land. Mezcal is Hidden in the mountains, in the indigenous groups that have preserved our traditions, even though we have forgotten many, finding a mezcal made with the ancestral process is to find a lost jewel, Centuries old traditions, The hills, The palenques, Isolated villages, Passions, Time, Sun.  This Spirit has shared its story with Mexico for more than 24 centuries.

The maestro mezcalero (Master distiller) use varied techniques in the production process many that have been passed down for generations in their families. Tradition is an essential value in the mezcal industry. The good Mezcal is not a product of engineering and scientific methods, it is a spiritual elixir, magic and ancestral, it is achieved only by artisanal methods that have been taught from father to son, passed down generation after generation.  The Maestro Mezcalero will never put his name or his signature on a product that he is not proud of; doing it guarantees the quality of the mezcal

This Space is an exploration of the world through the testimonies of those who opened the doors of their houses and palenques, who shared their knowledge and that gave us the amazing experience that it is to taste mezcal, the end result of a demanding process, looking into the eyes of its producer.

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